The show opened with the Uprising making their way out with their newest member Russ Jones. Uprising leader Max Morrison said that Jones was making his debut tonight against “The War Machine” Rhino. Also, Morrison revealed that Mikey Zeroe was injured but would still compete in tonight’s main event for the MCPW Championship. Morrison then mentioned Mr. Nifty & Jack Verville’s Tag Team Title defense and said that since Ryan Epic was injured, Scotty Young should instead join tonight’s main event as a way to get revenge on his former tag team partner Jake Omen. Young and Epic came out and accepted the challenge, for the people. This led to…

MATCH #1: MCPW Tag Team Champions Mr. Nifty & Jack Verville beat the Gospel of Dixie to retain the titles.

Adam Sniper made his way out and said that Sabu was too afraid to even show up to answer his challenge. Sniper said this made him more confident than ever in his abilities, and that he would beat anyone in the locker room. This led to…
MATCH #2: RHINO pinned Adam Sniper after a Gore!

MCPW No Limits Champion Adam Renolds failed to appear for his scheduled title defense, and thus his title was vacated. This led to…
MATCH #3: Jimmy "The Hype" Shalwin beat Frankie the Face, Gigolano Americano, Cody Manning, and Aaron Orion in a five-way elimination match to win the vacant MCPW No Limits Championship.

After intermission, Mild Mannered Matt made his way out with members of Kalkaska Roller Derby team, the Small Town Outlaws. The Outlaws promoted their event at Short’s Brewing Company in Bellaire on May 24. This brought out the new No Limits Champion, Jimmy “The Hype” Shalwin, who thought Matt should be interviewing him instead of the Outlaws. Shalwin challenged any of the Outlaws to knock him down, and when Mild Mannered Matt got and hands and knees behind Shalwin, one of the Outlaws was able to knock the Hype down, embarrassing the No Limits Champion.

MATCH #4: Russ Jones pinned “The Man Beast” RHINO with the Black Hole Slam after RHINO gored Max Morrison.

MATCH #5: Before the main event, Mikey Zeroe announced that even though he was officially part of the match, he was refusing to compete and would remain seated at ringside. He said it wasn’t necessary to win the title for the Uprising because Jake Omen would do that. The remaining three participants in the match, current MCPW Champion Caden Ames, former MCPW Champion Jake Omen, and Scotty Young tore into each other in this No Countout, No Disqualification match. When Zeroe took a cheap shot at Ames, ringside enforcer and local MMA Standout Wes “The Bad Boy” McFadden took exception and tried to force Zeroe into the match. Zeroe attacked McFadden and the two brawled backstage. Late in the match, with all three men on the mat in exhaustion, Zeroe returned with Russ Jones, who hit the Black Hole Slam on Ames and Young. Zeroe then told Omen to lay down for him, just as Zeroe had done for Omen back in December 2010 at “Gauntlet for the Gold.” Omen refused, so Jones hit him with the Black Hole Slam as well and Zeroe covered for the pin to become the NEW MCPW CHAMPION.

After the match, the Uprising continued to attack Ames, Young, and Omen until the rest of the locker room came out to run the Uprising off. Jake Omen then challenged the Uprising to a WAR GAMES match inside a steel cage in July when MCPW returns to Kalkaska! Omen offered full control of the company if the Uprising won, but if his team won they would get the Uprising’s MCPW Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships, and the group would be forced to split up. The Uprising accepted, and WAR GAMES inside is signed for July 14!