MCPW returned to Kalkaska Saturday, December 1st with “Christmas Carnage” and it was a loaded show with plenty of implications for the upcoming “Battleground V.”

YOLOing With the J-Man: The show kicked off with MCPW's newest interview segment, “YOLOing with the J-Man,” Jack Verville. Due to his injury, Verville wanted to find another way to contribute to MCPW, thus the birth of this talk show. Featuring an elaborate set, Verville and his new Head of Staff Adam Craft played some beer pong and fired up the crowd before introducing his first guest, former Tag Team Championship partner Mr. Nifty. Verville and Nifty talked about Nifty's recent loss to their former leader in the Uprising Max Morrison. Nifty was not pleased with the loss and challenged Morrison to a rematch. Morrison came out and gladly accepted the challenge. Verville offered to be the special referee and the match was quickly signed for later in the evening!

MATCH #1: Aaron Orion def. Frankie the Face by disqualification in a Back to Basics Challenge: Before the match Frankie got on the microphone and publicly apologized to both MCPW Champion Caden Ames and the fans in attendance for his poor sportsmanship back at “House of Horrors IV.” Frankie said he had been too bogged down in blood feuds and wanted to have a nice clean wrestling match, with no punches or kicks. “The Vehicle City Villain” Aaron Orion accepted the challenge and the two had a spirited back-and-forth wrestling contest, until a frustrated Frankie used an illegal strike and got himself disqualified.

Mikey Zeroe Brings Brooke Back to MCPW: After her shocking abduction at the hands of Mikey Zeroe at October's “House of Horrors IV,” Brooke was brought back to the Civic Center by the very man who abducted her. Zeroe lambasted the fans for encouraging Brooke during her ring announcing duties, as he said the wrestling business was no place for her. He went on to say that he would force Brooke to love him, and that no one in MCPW could save her because he had procured a restraining order on the entire roster. Finally, Zeroe's father stepped in and told his son that enough was enough and he needed to stop this behavior. Zeroe cut a scathing promo on his own father, talking about how he thought his dad always wanted to live vicariously through him and calling him pathetic. He then slapped his own father hard across the face, and gave him five seconds to leave the ring. After the five seconds, Zeroe turned around and his father cold cocked him! Zeroe then issued a challenge for a match at “Battleground V” and his father accepted, but said he would not becoming alone.

MATCH #2: Mr. Nifty defeated Max Morrison with Jack Verville as the special referee: These two rivals engaged in a heated battle, with Nifty especially having something to prove after Morrison choked him out in their last encounter. Nifty was able to get his revenge with a little assist from the referee, who kicked Morrison's feet off the ropes during a pin attempt. The opportunistic Nifty then scored the pin with a backslide. The three men argued after the bell and a pull apart brawl ensued that had to be broken up by MCPW staff and officials.

Believe the Hype: MCPW No Limits Champion Jimmy “The Hype” Shalwin opened the second half of the show by addressing Frankie the Face and Mild Mannered Matt. Shalwin said he had gifts for both of them, but only Mild Mannered Matt came out to accept his. Sinking to new levels of jerk, Shalwin talked about his history with Frankie the Face, painting him as a twisted, sadistic individual that is doing a disservice to himself and MCPW with his superhero act. Shalwin asked Matt if Frankie had ever been on his show, of if they were ever seen together. Matt said that Frankie was just really busy. Shalwin then presented Matt with his Christmas present – a mirror. He also pulled off Matt's wig and glasses, revealing that Mild Mannered Matt and Frankie the Face are the same person! A distraught Frankie/Matt had to be helped to the back by the supportive Caden Ames and Mr. Nifty.

MATCH #3: MCPW Tag Team Champions Main Street Youth & Ryan Epic def. Russ Jones, Adam Sniper & J.D. Mason in a six-man tag team match: Six of MCPW's rising stars gathered together for a barn burner of a match that had the crowd chanting “that was awesome” at the end. The makeshift trio of Jones, Sniper, and Mason showed surprising chemistry and spent a large portion of the match in control of both Epic and Scotty Young. The referee lost control near the end of the match and all six men were flying all over the ring. Epic was able to knock Jones out of the ring with a missile dropkick, and then finished off Sniper to give his team the victory. After the match, Young and Jake Omen agreed that J.D. Mason was a tough competitor and offered him and his regular tag team partner “Reverend” Christopher Saint a rematch for the MCPW Tag Team Championship at “Battleground V.” Mason accepted.

MATCH #4: Main Event – MCPW Champion Caden Ames pinned MCPW No Limits Champion Jimmy “The Hype” Shalwin to become the first ever double champion in MCPW history!: In his first appearance in MCPW since winning the MCPW No Limits title in May, Jimmy “The Hype” Shalwin gave Caden Ames one of his toughest tests to date. After an intense back and forth battle, Ames was able to connect with two superkicks and the Swanton Bomb to get the victory and retain the MCPW Title as well as recapture the MCPW No Limits Title. After the match Shalwin attacked the double champion, and Frankie the Face came out to apparently make the save. Then in a shocking turn of events, Frankie turned on Ames and viciously attacked him! With “Battleground V” just a few short months away, things in MCPW have never been more chaotic!