The show began with Mild Mannered Matt hosting his annual Halloween Costume Contest. Matt brought out Team MCPW, Caden Ames, Main Street Youth, and Wes “The Bad Boy” McFadden. Jack Verville came out to interrupt and tried to make good, shaking everyone’s hand. Team MCPW was taken off guard, but McFadden was the first one to accept the handshake. The entire crowd was a little confused by Verville’s actions.

MATCH #1: The debuting Jun Hado defeated the returning Sean Tyler. Hado and Tyler had a competitive back and forth contest but Hado was able to use his impressive athleticism and agility to subdue Tyler and scored the pin after the Flatliner.

Former Uprising leader Max Morrison came out to reflect on his life since the end of the Uprising. Morrison said that his life crumbled and he hit absolute rock bottom. He said now that he has seen the bottom, he can see the top. Morrison decided that since the Uprising failed him, he was going to take matters into his own hands and called out Mr. Nifty, the original member of the Uprising. He decided that since Nifty had been in the Uprising the longest, he had failed the most, and he challenged him to an impromptu match.

MATCH #2: Max Morrison defeated Mr. Nifty with a straightjacket submission hold. Nifty injured his knee early in the match and Morrison took advantage, working on it every chance he had. After securing the victory, Morrison continued to beat on Nifty after the bell until Jack Verville came out to make the save. Verville then said he wasn’t sure he trusted Nifty either before heading to the back.

MATCH #3: MCPW Tag Team Champions Jake Omen & Scotty Young, Main Street Youth, wrestled the Gospel of Dixie, Reverend Christopher Saint & J.D. Mason, to a 15-minute time-limit draw. Main Street Youth retained the titles. The two teams were very evenly matched throughout the contest. Gospel of Dixie hit their finishing move right as time was expiring, and tried pleading their case to the referee but to no avail.

MATCH #4: Russ Jones defeated the returning Jamie Eternal. In this battle of behemoths something had to give. Jones thought he had the match won after a Black Hole Slam, but Eternal got his foot on the bottom rope. Eternal recovered and went for the Superkick, but Jones caught it and spun Eternal into a second Black Hole slam to secure the pin.

MATCH #5: MCPW Champion Caden Ames successfully defended his title over Frankie the Face, Aaron Orion, Adam Sniper, Ryan Epic, and former Champion Mikey Zeroe in an elimination match. Zeroe was the first man eliminated when Ames surprised him with a schoolboy rollup! Incensed, Zeroe threw a fit at ringside, turning on the arena lights and storming over to ring announcer Brooke and forcing her to announce his elimination over and over as he got angrier and angrier. Finally Zeroe snapped and grabbed Brooke and stormed out of the arena with her! MCPW officials are still waiting to hear about Brooke’s physical and mental condition after this heinous assault.

Epic was the next man eliminated, followed by Sniper and Orion, leaving Ames and MCPW veteran Frankie to decide the Championship. After a hard fought battle, Ames hit the Swanton Bomb and scored the pin to successfully retain the title. A noticeably dejected Frankie the Face left the arena without saying a word to anyone.

Ames however, had words for No Limits Champion Jimmy “The Hype” Shalwin, who has failed to appear at the previous two MCPW shows since winning the No Limits Title in May. Ames accused Shalwin of shirking his responsibilities as Champion, and challenged him to a Champion versus Champion, Title versus Title match when MCPW returns to the Civic Center on December 1! Ames, a former No Limits Champion himself, told MCPW officials that he wants to restore the title to its former glory. One way or another, the FIRST-EVER DOUBLE CHAMPION WILL BE CROWNED ON DECEMBER 1 IN KALKASKA!